Setting up for a win

I think none of us deliberately set out to lose, particularly in this so-called game of life where we all know the stakes are just too high, especially when it’s not just us, it’s our family as well.

Whilst we’re intent on “winning” I reckon many of us just don’t know how or if we do know how, then we’re unsure if our effort will be enough. Now I’m no parenting “expert” but our family has travelled through some valleys, emerging battle-scarred, but intact, on the other side. So on that basis, I’d thought I’d share a few simple thoughts on how we can all set our families up to WIN!

  1. ListenHear their stories (even for the umpteenth time!), acknowledge their concerns, give them time. What are they REALLY saying to us?
  2. Encourage. Yep, they can do it! When we encourage, we’re creating a habit of giving it a go.
  3. Celebrate. We all love a party so create a culture of celebration. This is about the effort not just the results.
  4. Enlist. We don’t have to do this parenting thing alone. Build strong relationships with other families, within your church and sporting clubs. Draw upon the people around you, utilise their strengths.
  5. Plan. Don’t leave everything to chance; plan the special events, the celebrations, the private time.

There is, of course, plenty more to building a happy and healthy family, but keeping the above 5 keys in mind will allow us to at least create a strong platform.  I’d love you to share some of the keys that work for you – just post a comment below.

LET HOPE RISE (& families win!)

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3 thoughts on “Setting up for a win”

  1. I just read a Zig Ziglar newsletter where he talks of the importance of the quiet times, like going to bed, when we need to just listen to our kids, and it builds a relationship where they can open up to us. Love you work Mark!

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