Rules to tweet by…

What you say about yourself says, well, a lot about yourself. On the face of it this statement seems a nonsense. But consider some of the tweets you may have read on twitter. Here’s a few examples…

There was a reporter in the US last year who used twitter to provide live event coverage of a child’s funeral. Yep. Seriously.

Then there was the patient tweeting live during kidney surgery. The question “why?” comes to mind.

And I’m sure we’ve seen swearing and other “stuff” which I place in the broad ‘not-too-flash’ category.

Just because you can share something with the world, doesn’t mean you should! I stick by the philosophy of the 3 E’s: empower, enable and equip. If something I write doesn’t fit that mantra, it’s gone! There are some comments that I know the intended person would interpret one way however the many others who are also likely to read it may view it entirely differently – these too are gone from the public domain!

Bearing this in mind, I’ve put together my Top 5 Twitter Tips  – these will keep your tweeps happy (remember happy tweeps means a happy you!)…

  1. Think about your mum (and not just on the 2nd Sunday in May). If your mum would approve of your tweets, then at least it’s passed the first filter.
  2. Twitter is a tool – nothing more, nothing less. Tools are used to build things so ensure you’re building up, not tearing down.
  3. Angry, upset, disappointed? Wait… don’t post your negative emotional response to a situation. Wait a few minutes, an hour, a day (does it really need to be shared?)… Remember, once it’s out there, you can’t bring it back.
  4. Be deliberate about what you tweet. Be intentional. Some randomness is fine, even funny, too much is just plain weird.
  5. Retweet the good stuff (like this blog!) & unfollow the rubbish. However, retweeting glowing stuff about yourself is decidedly uncool. Empowering, enabling or equipping someone else – awesome!

Let Hope Rise.

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