Right diagnosis = right treatment

How often do we seek to solve what we see as a problem without first understanding exactly what the issues are? I know as a parent, I’ve jumped into the midst of a disagreement between 2 or more of my boys seeking to apply a solution based on what I think is happening. What this does is present a solution that’s either not quite on the money or possibly totally ineffective. Not to mention the loss of credibility caused by rushing in and assuming…

Put this in a medical context. If we’re ill, our doctor seeks to understand the symptoms – questions are asked, responses are measured, sources are checked. This equips the doctor with the necessary information to make the correct (or at least the most likely) diagnosis. Once the doctor has this, the correct treatment can be prescribed.

Bring this back into our own lives. Do we fully understand the issues we’re facing right now? Have we asked the right questions (or any at all)? Have we checked our responses to what’s happening?

Without this, we’re seeking to create a solution to a problem we perceive, rather than one we actually understand. Remember, right diagnosis = right treatment.

Let Hope Rise.

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