Remembrance Day…

11am, 11/11/1918, the guns on the Western Front draw silent, the armistice signed to end “the war to end all wars”. History shows that World War I did not end all wars but it did help shape the character of many nations. A fledgling nation at the time, Australia was yearning for identity, a sense of collective character from which the country could grow.

Whilst not a proponent of war, I do value the battle from which character is forged. I understand the significance of coming together for a common cause, united under a single banner.

WWI delivered many losses, none more important than the 8 million soldiers and 12 million civilians. Yet, from the misery has arisen events that have defined purpose, honour and courage that are perhaps more fervently acknowledged today than in the past.

In times of stress, we each need to appreciate that, yes, there will be discomfort and pain however there will also be an end. Knowing this enables us to endure, to persevere with courage, ready to acquire and apply a potentially valuable lesson. It is often only many months or even years later that one can look back, identifying the breakthrough that emanated from what was a very challenging and distressing situation.

WWI was not the war to end all wars, and the challenge you’re facing now will not be the last. It will however equip you to better handle and overcome the next challenge.


What do you think?