Javier Sotomayor clears the bar

Raising the bar (or what we can learn from the high jump!)

Did you know the world record for high jump is 2.45 metres? That’s over 8 feet, or the height of an average Indian elephant!! This record has stood since 1993, the longest standing record in the history of the sport. Around 100 years ago the record stood at 1.9 metres (or around 6′ 4″). The only way the height has increased is through athletes literally raising the bar, attempting something which they have not done before.

This is not a revolutionary concept I know, but do we actually apply it in our own worlds?

We’re into 2013, a new year in which many of us have proposed various resolutions with varying levels of commitment. Rather than focus on what is sometimes wishful thinking, let’s start by conceding that 2012 was an okay year. This may be true for many of us, perhaps an understatement for some, whilst it could be an exaggeration for others. Whatever it was, let’s just agree on the height of the bar as it rests now.

If this 2012 height was average, next we define what an above-average year will look like. Our relationships. …careers ….finances …health. Compared to our average 2012, how would each of these areas be different in the next 12 months? What would we need to do differently? What about our attitude? Upskilling, perhaps?

Javier Sotomayor was only 15 when he first cleared 2 metres. Over the ensuring 10 years he gradually raised the bar until he set the world record that still stands today.

What can we achieve in the next ten years, if we only start today?


What do you think?