putting it out there

Putting it out there…

We all know social media is an interesting phenomenon. We’ve all read posts that have left us bewildered, asking “why do I need to know that??!!!”. The keyboard tends to remove filters that we’d otherwise wisely employ.

A Facebook friend recently posted about a minor surgical procedure planned for that day. A fellow Facebook friend chose to comment. I thought it would be a “best of luck / hope all goes well” style of comment however the ‘friend’ elected to detail the challenge and the pain she had experienced with that procedure. Of course, the disclaimer was that her experience was not a standard one, as she wrote at the end of her piece.

When we put stuff out there, be it via social media or in person, we must expect a response. If we’re not prepared to manage the potential range of responses, then perhaps we should reconsider our desire to share in the first place? Being a man, I know all about the negative impact of not appropriately sharing, of allowing emotions to bottle up inside until an inappropriate explosion! However we must decide what is appropriate to share, to whom and in what format.

The adage “just because we can, doesn’t mean we should” rings true with sharing our personal feelings. Not everyone is actually equipped to handle what we feel the need to share. It is vital, then, that we have people in our lives who we have given permission to speak into our world. These are the people who are at a stage in their life that we’re travelling towards. People who have journeyed where we are now and have come through stronger. People who can support us and guide us. People who can handle what we put out there. These are friends of our future, of our destiny.

As we navigate 2014, decide who is best placed for you to learn from. Put yourself out there strategically. Build that relationship. Ask for support. And then we can appropriately share. After all, all of your 675 Facebook friends may not have your best interests at heart! Just putting that out there….


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