Plan your life like a holiday

I love holidays.

I particularly enjoy the expectation associated with the planning beforehand to ensure we’re maximizing our time and experiencing the destination to its fullest. After all, I want to make the most of the limited time. Funny then that I’m not as diligent in planning for the rest of my life – decades not days…

Do you also find this?

It could be the excitement of the short-term adventure as opposed to the routine of the everyday. Looking at this logically however it makes incredible sense to allocate more time and energy to the area that yields the greatest impact.

The key I’m discovering is intentionality. Actually deciding to allocate time to planning my everyday world helps me remain focused. Yes, we all have our regular routine around career and family but we need to ensure we’re also building capacity for growth and impact. I don’t want to arrive at the end of my life to realise I have lived well for me and then left my kids to fend for themselves. Similarly, I don’t wish to identify all those opportunities I had to make a difference in someone’s world but was so inwardly focused that I let them slip by.

If we want to achieve anything worthwhile, above and beyond the everyday, we need to be intentional.

Intentional about what we’re inputting physically, emotionally and spiritually. Intentional about how we’re investing our time. Intentional about allocating our resources.

Where are your intentions taking you?


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