Pictures of a leader #3

Continuing this series, another apt picture of a leader offered by John Maxwell is the vine and the branches. As all backyard gardeners can attest, a branch cannot bear fruit unless it is attached to the vine. So if a team is disconnected from its leader, its productivity will be lost.

This relationship indicates the nourishment role of a leader. The leader is the one who provides, the one who nurtures. This provision can and most likely will take many forms – instilling purpose, offering encouragement, delivering resource. Through this provision, team members (including our families) can be nurtured towards both team and personal development.

Ensuring connectivity, whilst it should be the domain of both leader and team member, is ultimately the responsibility of the leader. Because whilst the branch needs to be connected to flourish, this connection can also enable disease to spread. The leader then is responsible for removing the branch to protect the rest of vine.

If our team is not flourishing, we may want to check both the health of the branch and its connection to the vine.


Image credit: photohomepage / 123RF Stock Photo

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