Pictures of a leader #2

An earlier post referred to the metaphor of a Captain and Army as one picture of leadership as presented by John Maxwell. Husband and wife is yet another…

This picture of leadership is again unique, identifying that leadership is multifaceted and multilayered. The husband and wife relationship is one of support where love and commitment are evident. As leaders (that is, people of influence) love and commitment to our people – be they our specific team or those around us – must be a characteristic of the relationship.

People need to know we care, before they will. If we genuinely love people we will desire the best for them. We will look to create opportunities where they can develop, where they can win. Being committed to people means we are a constant, we are there throughout all seasons. We are unwavering in our support whilst at the same time we are modelling the standard and positively challenging.

Are we genuinely committed to our people? Do our actions and attitudes reflect love? Are we leaders for all seasons?


Image credit: dotshock / 123RF Stock Photo

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