Pictures of a leader #1

We each have a picture of what a leader looks like. The way a leader acts and interacts. What a leader says and does. Invariably these pictures of a leader are drawn from our own experiences of both being a leader and being led. John Maxwell also offers insights into what a leader looks like and has identified metaphors to demonstrate key attributes of leadership. Here is one aspect for us to consider…

Captain and Army – a picture of authority and training.

Notice this says authority AND training – a leader does not simply command, a leader must also train. Leaders must clearly understand the mission and the people available for that mission – what are we here to do and who is on my team? For the mission to have any chance of success, the team must have the necessary skills, knowledge and motivation. It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure his team is fully prepared.

A Captain’s role in relation to his mission is to plan and mobilise his troops. The Captain is the tactical on-the-ground leader responsible for training, organising and equipping the people in his/her charge. Just because we may be the Captain, it does not mean we are actually leading.

How well are we training those around us? Are we equipping people? Are we fully preparing our team for the mission?


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