Paying for my past…

Every year I pay a professional (not the guy in the photo to the left!) what equates to a very handsome hourly rate so he scan my near-naked form and then decide to which areas he can apply either liquid nitrogen gas or a scalpel. I’m referring of course to the doctor, my Dermatologist.

The older I get the more important it seems that I have regular check-ups for an array of potential health issues, most stemming from risky past behaviour. I had pre-cancerous growths removed from my back, nose and scalp last year, one from my arm and another from my face this year. All a result of not protecting myself from the sun growing up in North Queensland. Whilst it is expensive, painful and certainly inconvenient, the option I have is to allow someone with the expertise to find and treat it or ignore it and potentially die.

If many of us have become this diligent with physical health issues, why then are we so relaxed about other issues, which if left untreated can significantly harm us and those around us?

What about an inability to form meaningful relationships? What about your lack of career success? What about your angry attitude? Are these symptomatic of our insecurity, fear, doubt, guilt, unforgiveness? You name it and our past high-risk behaviour and attitudes has left its mark on our emotional, spiritual and relational well-being. Left untreated, these will destroy our relationships, our family, our career, our potential…

Perhaps, if we had to place a value on these things, then maybe we’d be driven to act. I know my choice is to either pay seemingly ridiculous $$ for the Dermatologist to treat what he is trained to find or for me to simply ignore and potentially die, then it’s really a simple choice – I choose life.

What do you choose?

Let Hope Rise.

3 thoughts on “Paying for my past…”

  1. What we don’t isolate and deal with in life has the potential to isolate us.

    Paul De Jong’s book Isolating Insecurity deals with this.

    Love your Blog Mark – choose life

  2. Choose Life!! I love this blog Mark, I too get a regular check up and close quarters negotiation with the scalpel, but I see the longevity of my life far outweighing the short term discomfort. As for our career and relationship potential – maybe we should have regular catch ups with a close friend/professional in these areas to assess them? Much in the same way we probably should all review our financial health on a semi-regular basis. Love the blog Mark!!

    1. Excellent idea Ryan. Some form of accountability / check-up is vital. Important to ensure the external party has your long-term interests at heart though.

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