Outsourced parenting

Businesses outsource many essential functions – HR, ICT and even debt collection.


They effectively partner with other companies to ensure optimal performance of their enterprise. Families can do the same thing!

Yep, we outsource our parenting, from time to time. We do not outsource the responsibility, only some of the function, and only occasionally. What I mean by this is, as parents my wife and I strategically partner with other parents, family and friends to be integrally involved with our world. We retain 100% responsibility but enable our kids to build relationships outside of our family unit, exposing them to a broader range of experiences.

Obviously, we need to be VERY smart as to with whom our kids spend time. This is always relationship-based where trust has been built over a period of time. Understanding and sharing the Team Mahoney values is critical. Loving and empowering our boys, essential.

Separation anxiety (from both the children’s and parent’s perspective!) is something with which we’re not really familiar. Our kids have spent time away from mum and dad from relatively early on, knowing that mum and dad love them and are ALWAYS there upon their return. I know this has built confidence in our boys. I know this has built confidence in the couples with whom our boys have spent time, particularly couples who were yet to have kids of their own.

As parents we have the responsibility to empower, enable and equip our kids to be confident contributors to their communities. It starts with breaking the apron strings and giving our children the necessary room to grow whilst at the same time building friendships with our neighbours, and our school and church families.

Parenting does not have to be a Lone Ranger affair. Let’s start by partnering with other parents. Give outsourcing a trial!


Image credit: michaelmill / 123RF Stock Photo

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