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I had the awesome privilege earlier this month to share at Life Church Brisbane about how I seek to carry “church” on Sunday into every other day of my week. As we move out of Sunday into the week I reckon it’s timely to share. Here’s the transcript… 

There’s a Facebook page called ‘make a difference Monday’ littered with quite random suggestions as to how we each can ‘make a difference’: the ideas include take a colleague to work, pay for a stranger’s order at McDonalds, buy a plant for a friend.

Now these are all admirable and will certainly put a smile on someone’s face, but we actually have the opportunity to put a smile on someone’s heart, to bring an even
bigger smile to God’s face.

My Monday difference is fresh eyes. 

Fresh eyes to glimpse a person’s heart, created by God for God. A heart that’s possibly broken, in pain, disconnected.

Fresh eyes enable me to see people not just as a team member at work, a neighbour, a soccer dad, but as someone for whom God’s heart is breaking.

I have the opportunity and the privilege (well, actually it’s a responsibility), to take what is imparted in church every Sunday to build a bridge with the people in the world.
Every Monday at work, Tuesday at my small group, Wednesday at the boys’ soccer training, Thursday when I collect my youngest son from the child care centre, Friday on the train home from work, Saturday chatting with my neighbours, Sunday inviting friends over for lunch, I have an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Sunday inspires me. Sunday refreshes me. Sunday refocuses me. But the business of life happens every day. My aim, the church’s collective aim, is to carry what is imparted to us on Sunday into every other day of the week.

Did you know that we have each been given a divine message? This should give us an urgency to connect with others and share the difference that God has made in our lives. Gideon may have been called by God through an angel and Moses through a burning bush, yet most of us have been called by God through a friend, a family member. People in our network will also be called by God through their family and friends, through people just like you and me.

Isaiah 6, verse 8 “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’. Then I said ‘Here I am! Send me’.”  Stepping out, addressing the
need, this is what Sunday equips us to do.

Fresh eyes enable me to see through my own “stuff”, past my own circumstances, into someone else’s world.  Irrespective of what’s happening in my own life I still have the
capacity to step out, to be an example of God’s grace, to bring encouragement, to bring joy, to connect.

All this takes is to understand that God is the source for EVERY need we have. God has my stuff in hand freeing me to take my eyes off myself and onto someone else.

Just recently I had a fresh revelation of the cross. Yes, I knew all about the cross, I knew that Jesus died for our sins, but I have come closer (just a little bit!) to understanding God’s heart. God loved us SO much that he gave his one and only son. Can you imagine that? Really? This is the love that God has for you and for me. The love that God has for the single mum next door, for the divorced soccer dad, for the depressed work colleague, for your mum, your brother, your spouse, your children. This is what fresh eyes are all about. You and I getting a glimpse of what God sees.

John Maxwell talks about the Law of Connection. Jesus connects with a Samaritan woman who other Jews wouldn’t even speak with and because of Jesus’ personal connection God reached an entire city. I must learn from this – I can no longer isolate myself in my safe world, I must initiate contact with people around me, I must accept others where they are, I must find a connection – a point of commonality, I must listen – hear what they have to say, I must create interest (be interesting!), and I can only take people as far as they’re ready to go. Seeing people how God sees people.

Fresh eyes – this is my Monday difference.

Let Hope Rise.

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    1. Hi Sonia. So pleased you’re feeling refreshed from my writing – I appreciate you taking the time to share! Many times it’s the simple things that can have a dramatic positive effect on bringing balance and perspective to a life – be encouraged and be encouraging! Cheers, Mark.

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