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Blogging, or writing in general, is an interesting beast. I aim to be “productive”, to regularly produce pieces that stimulate discussion, that inspire, that challenge – both the reader and myself!

The idea of productivity is a curious one. To some, it means having the suitable environment where the work can be done. For others, it may stem from systems and processes. Still, for others, it’s the routine or habit around the work. I think all of these are true. Productivity is focused on the outcomes, the fruit, and there is no one fruitfulness formula that works for us all. For me, though, being productive in any area of my world starts with a decision: I must decide to be productive.

I can have the most efficient systems and the most conducive environment but if I do not DECIDE to write, then nothing will be written. The most productive time for me as a writer is when I make the decision “today, I will write”. This starting points enables my environment and my processes to kick-in to further stimulate activity.

Many of us can be waiting for the ideal time to do something special. The ideal time probably starts when we decide it’s time.


Image credit: markusgann / 123RF Stock Photo

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