Lying on a nail

My own circumstances have reminded me of the old story about a traveller who comes across a farmer with a dog on the porch. The animal was quietly moaning to itself because it was lying on a nail. When the visitor asked the farmer why the dog didn’t move, the farmer replied “I guess it just doesn’t hurt enough“.

I have returned to my nominal position at work after several secondments and whilst it’s not as rewarding as recent opportunities, it certainly is manageable. This could easily become a case of the dog on the nail – uncomfortable, but not uncomfortable enough to do anything about it. The challenge with this is that I’d end up moaning quietly, living in silent dissatisfaction, with it slowly creeping into other areas of my life.

How often do we tolerate situations simply because the discomfort is not sufficient enough to force a move? Why do we wait until the situation is no longer tolerable or when a move has been forced upon us?

How much better would it be to be proactive, identifying early signs of dissatisfaction and creating a plan to do something about it?

In the work sense, this could be defining a career plan encouraging us to seek specific learning opportunities or networking to enhance career options. Relationship-wise the start could be as simple as taking responsibility for the current status of the relationship and then doing something positive to move it where you’d like it to be.

Irrespective of the circumstance, if we’ve found a nail, let’s at least stand up!

Let Hope Rise.

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