Love Actually means…?

In the film Love Actually we have multiple examples of love represented to us. The love of a devoted wife and mother, the love of lifelong friends, the love of fledgling couples, the love of a father…

I must confess this is one of my all-time favorite films. The nuances of each relationship with challenge and confusion, disappointment and discouragement blending perfectly with the hope, excitement, energy and joy that love brings.

When my wife and I were considering adding to our family after our first-born, we honestly had difficulty imagining that we could love another child as much as the first. It was as if, to us, love was a finite resource. Amazingly, and thankfully, we instantly fell in love with our second son, realizing that love is infinite. It is only our desire to love or be loved that can be capped.

Love Actually uses the pretext of Christmas for its characters to share emotional truths towards their loved ones. Whilst we shouldn’t relegate this to a ‘once-a-year’ event, Christmas does indeed afford us the opportunity to express our love.

I know love is actually an infinite essential resource. What does love actually mean for you?

Merry Christmas!

Let hope rise.

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