We’ve all lost something sometime – your keys or wallet perhaps (maybe even your dignity!). We feel anxious or possibly even upset because of the value, physical or emotional, we have attached to the lost item.

How much greater is this feeling of loss when a family member passes away? And significant. I had cause to ponder this recently upon receiving the news my aunt had succumbed to the cancer that had overtaken her body. Sadness was the primary emotion. Sadness at the loss of life, sadness for family, sadness for those who do not know their Creator.

It is at these times of sadness we are encouraged to reflect upon what we’re placing value in our worlds. Snuggling in bed with my boys I was overcome with the awesome privilege and responsibility it is to raise a family. I could not imagine life without them – and this immediately reaffirmed the value I place upon our relationship and my responsibility towards the health of those relationships.

Interacting with people day-to-day can foster an under-appreciation, an under-valuing. It is wise for us to reflect, for just a moment, life without those closest. Then, perhaps, the true value of that relationship may be realised.


Image credit: goodluz / 123RF Stock Photo

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