Look beyond the hill

You know how it goes – you step out to do something different or for the first time and you can’t quite see the goal – you know it’s out there somewhere but there seems to be something blocking your view – a hill. Not just any old hill, but the hill of discomfort, of inconvenience, of low-self-esteem. All those things that are telling us why we CAN”T do something.

If we keep our eyes on the hill (or hills as the case may be!) we’ll easily justify why we shouldn’t persevere. We may even determine that we shouldn’t even try & to simply slot back into the same ol’ same ol’ existence. We need to raise our vision to BEYOND the hill looking to the change that awaits us on the other side. We each need to understand that whenever we decide to do something out of the ordinary, the hill WILL appear dredging up all our past not-so-successful attempts, the resource issues it’ll create, the character challenges. This is par for the course. Regardless, the change, the new you, is STILL there, just over the hill.

Expect the hill, but look beyond it.

Let Hope Rise.

3 thoughts on “Look beyond the hill”

  1. Hi Mark,

    That is an awesome post! We need to keep in mind that sometimes the things we face are only hills blocking our view of the goal, not to focus on them!

    Thanks again for your insight and wisdom!


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