Just because you have a pulse doesn’t mean you’re living!


Now that’s a wake-up call statement! The anointed Janine Kubala recently proclaimed this at Life Church Brisbane and it smacked me right between the eyes because it’s TRUE!

Yep, we may be alive in the literal definition of being alive, but are we really LIVING?

If we’re bound up by unforgiveness, hurt and disappointment then we’re anchored in the past. We have been created to set forth, take new ground, to accept the challenge of life and to do this we cannot be laden with the past. This is not to belittle the incredibly significant events of our past, this is to simply identify that the closer we hold our past, the further away our future remains.

Is living about claiming a fresh future for us and our families?

Is living about being energised, expectant and engaged?

Is living about emotional and spiritual release?

If we’re dissatisfied with what we see in our future, we need to first release ourselves from our past.


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos

What do you think?