James’ story

I’m not one to normally strike up a conversation with a fellow plane passenger but on this occasion, meeting James was a blessing.

James’ story is not unlike many of our stories. Finish school, study some more, work for a few years, wonder what life is all about, try a few things and seek to build a life of value, experience and fun. What particularly inspired me was James’ dreams. James shared with me his long-held passion to start a business with his brother. James identified the nature of the business, the roles various family members could play, and how this could even roll into a retirement option. He also noted how this could provide an active interest for his ageing parents. You see, James was talking about a couple of passions – his family and an industry – and his desire to combine both. Interestingly, when we spoke James was not working in his preferred industry nor was he even living in the state where he envisioned his future. James did see, though, his present situation as bringing him another step closer to the dream.

I was inspired and encouraged by James. I came alongside his dream for that brief moment, championing him from the sidelines. I was genuinely excited for him!

How great it is to discover your passions and plan how to capitalise upon them. How great it is to identify those people you want on that journey. How great it is to be living for more than just today.

Thank you James.


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