I’ve moved house!

Let Hope Rise has a new look and a new home thanks to securing its own domain! It’s super easy to find, no Sat Nav required – in fact, you’re probably already there. My original wordpress.com site redirects all traffic to my self-hosted site.

The simplest way to ensure you do not miss new posts is to subscribe via email at the top right of this page. You can also sign up for the RSS feed via the link in the header.

Those who previously subscribed via email to LetHopeRise.wordpress.com have been successfully transferred to this new site so things should remain pretty much to which you’re accustomed. If, however, you were a fellow wordpress.com user who followed Let Hope Rise so that new posts appeared in your wordpress reader, you’ll need to subscribe again (this time via email).

I’m looking forward to the greater flexibility and customisation this new site will provide which will hopefully enhance your reading experience. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed is my enthusiasm for your thoughts and opinions so please continue to comment on posts! You’ll also notice it’s a tad easier to share posts via whatever social media tickles your fancy…


Image credit: lucadp / 123RF Stock Photo

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