Is the impossible possible?

As a toddler I recall seeing my tradesmen Dad climbing ladders, carting tools across rooftops and even driving a car! At that point in my life those things seemed impossible, only possible by my Superdad! With age and experience came an understanding that all of those things were entirely possible for me. Yet, even with this insight I still find myself applying my toddler impossibility mindset to situations.

Steve Jobs, the recently deceased Apple visionary, was referred by many in his team as having a “reality distortion field”. A former Macintosh developer stated this in clearer terms “Steve was able to convince people that the impossible was possible”. Whilst not all of us have the vision and drive of Steve Jobs, we can remove the blinkers from our eyes to see beyond the everyday ‘possible’.

Many of the amazing feats of engineering, medical and scientific breakthroughs, and even exploration were once deemed impossible. Placing a man on the moon was the realm of science fiction. To suggest one could circumnavigate the earth was almost worthy of witchcraft!

Something incredibly worthy that appears unlikely now should be all the more reason for us to explore how to make the impossible possible.


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos

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