Is that true, mum?

One of the joys, perks if you will, of fatherhood is being the purveyor of tall tales. Of course, this is purely focused on developing my children’s imaginations and definitely not associated with any perverse satisfaction one could gain from creating confusion…

My five-year old is curious. He wants to assert his newfound knowledge of the world around him and equally desires to discover more. He also thoroughly enjoys pickled onions! Of course, as we all know, a pickled onion is, in fact, the boiled eye of a camel. Whereas once this would be received as a gospel truth, my five-year old has wisely become very diligent in checking facts with the simple phrase “Is that true, mum?”!

Mum has become his sounding board, his reality-check. Wouldn’t it be great if, as adults, we could turn to mum and ask “is that true?” before we forge ahead using the “facts” we have discovered. If my five-year old seeks counsel, then maybe we should also be a little more discerning about the information coming into our world?

My five-year old is confident in much of his knowledge, but when in doubt, he asks. Let’s not be afraid to ask.


Image credit: orla / 123RF Stock Photo

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