Is Santa real?

As a dad, I am the recipient of many and varied questions but this one “Is Santa real?” invariably rears it head around this time every year. My response is well practised “If you believe in Santa, you will receive presents from Santa” which both warms my children’s hearts and excites their mind! It also encourages belief to continue a little longer than it may otherwise…

santa's hat

A little bit of imagination, a touch of make-believe, is seen as a natural part of a child’s world. Yet, as we grow and are “shaped” by life this little bit of escapism either disappears completely or absorbs us entirely. There seems to be no happy medium. Obviously, as we age we gain responsibility yet this playful exercise of letting our mind wander could be a key to the recipe for mental health and happiness.

Allowing ourselves to ask the question “I wonder if…” and then exploring the possibilities may not only be fun, but it could actually enhance our problem-solving skills, opening up new realms with bigger thinking.

We encourage our kids in their make-believe so why not grant ourselves a little creative licence as well? Santa may in fact be real…

Merry Christmas!


Image credit: haveseen / 123RF Stock Photo

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