Is Mickey in your corner?

The Rocky films throughout the 80s & 90s (yep, I know after Rocky II they went seriously downhill) were trademarked with combative, in-your-face fight scenes. But, every time Rocky stepped into the ring he didn’t so alone – his team were always in his corner, led originally by his manager and trainer Mickey Goldmill.

Whilst Mr Balboa may have been the one trading physical blows, his team constantly encouraged, refreshed and guided him, treating his wounds and getting him back out there. Mickey was always ready with a word of wisdom, reminding Rocky who he was and the job at hand. Mickey was the ultimate cornerman. Do you have a Mickey in your corner?

You’ll recognise these people because they are the ones who are willing to invest in your future, who stand by you in the tough times (even when you make a mistake), and who will release you into your future without selfishness. We all need a team in our corner.

And we all need to be part of someone else’s corner.

Let Hope Rise.

What do you think?