hand brake

Is it time to release the handbrake?

Have you ever sought to head off at the intersection only to find that your car remains stopped or very reluctantly moves on? I have, and it’s been because the handbrake is still on!

There are plenty of potential handbrakes in our own lives. Things which, if not disengaged, will slow us down or bring us to a complete stop. These are normally issues that have not been adequately managed or dealt with, so they keep impacting our desire to progress.

The handbrakes could be significant matters such as addiction or unforgiveness. They could also be seemingly less significant – maybe a negative mindset or a lazy attitude towards finance. Regardless of how they look, the result is the same. Movement slows; momentum halts.

So what do we do? …the handbrake must be released.

We must first identify what the handbrake is and recognise its negative impact. We must accept it is up to US to change it, or our response to whatever it is. Even things which have happened to us – we are responsible for how we respond and whether we allow the actions of others to continually disrupt our future.

It’s not easy. But it remains our decision. Do we allow our past to control our future? Or do we tackle it head-on?

Release the handbrake into your future!


Image credit: grafikeray / 123RF Stock Photo

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