What a way to kick off a new blog than by referencing a fellow blogger! Anyway, here goes…

Seth Godin wrote earlier this week about “initiators” – those of us who make the decision “to lead, to poke, to initiate”. The idea being that’s it’s far simpler to react to things, rather than deciding to go somewhere & then go there. Seth concluded “initiative is taken, not given”. Whilst referencing Seth perhaps is not taking the initiative, I thought this too great a challenge not to share!

My mantra for 2011 is “let hope rise” – taking my dreams off the back-burner and placing them in the forefront of my thinking. Seth’s word would then suggest that for these dreams to become legitimate expectations I need to take the initiative. I need to not get hung up on reacting to stuff that’s happening, rather I need to set my direction and just get going. Less talk, more positive action.

Let’s look for opportunities – Let Hope Rise!

2 thoughts on “Initiative”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Great to see you taking the initiative and spreading the message! This is a great year to “Let Hope Rise!”

    I am looking forward to the great things you will achieve this year, and hopefully joining with you to achieve some as well.


    Ryan Grant

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