If you care, you do

I contacted a number of friends recently to share the important news of a friend-in-common who had been unexpectedly hospitalised. I was not surprised when I discovered that they all already knew. This news had been shared multiple times by people who care.

If you care, you don’t just think about what you can do, you do.

If you care, you’ll make the difficult decision, you’ll make the tough call.

If you care, you will act with urgency, with love, with compassion.

If you care, you mobilise yourself and you mobilise others.

If you care, you do.

I think we all over-estimate just how much we care because we like to think we care. It’s makes us feel special to be “caring”.

Let’s look at our actions – do they support our personal belief that we care?

If we care, we do.


Photo: Used with permission via 123RF Stock Photos

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