Scratch the itch!

*Alternative title: If there’s a problem, there’s always a cause (and a solution!)*

Ruby had been looking decidedly uncomfortable, rubbing her back along the rough brickwork of the house, scratching against the furniture, even chewing her tail (yep, Ruby’s our 9-year-old Staffy, not one of our boys!). Now I could have dismissed this as the behaviour of a dementing old dog, or I could have investigated if this change was indicative of a problem.

The problem was fleas. The cure was a bath and a wash of her bedding.

How often do we see undesirable change in our own worlds yet hesitate investigating the cause?

I think we do so because once we know the cause, then we really have an obligation to source the solution. We can at that point no longer decree that we didn’t know.

I could have continued to ignore Ruby’s behaviour and her discomfort would have gradually spread to others in the household. What we often perceive as something insignificant with limited consequences can, if left unchecked, grow to adversely impact many.

If we see a problem, we need to accept there will be a cause and then seek the solution.


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