I want to be Indiana Jones…

Who doesn’t love Indy?

Equipped with a bullwhip and pistol, obvious by his fedora and leather jacket, this famed archaeologist / adventurer has defeated Nazis and cults, rescuing relics, biblical artefacts and people along the way!

His treasure-hunting life is one of action, adventure, danger…

Of course, Indy is a fictional character – one of the most popular in cinematic history according to the American Film Institute. But just what is it that draws people to Indiana Jones and can we bring some of Indy into our own lives?

There are a few things that at least draws me to Dr Jones…

Firstly, he is fallible – Indy makes mistakes but he does not let that deter him from his quest.

Do we continue on when we, putting it bluntly, stuff-up?

Secondly, “if you want to be a good archaeologist, you gotta get out of the library” is Indy’s mantra, allowing him to express himself in completely different environments. On the one hand we have the scholarly, tweed-suited Dr Jones, yet we also have the hard-edged, action-loving Indy.

Can we confidently express ourselves in different environments, outside of our comfort zone?

Thirdly, he’s a superhero without super powers. Indy relies on his “wits and fists” – his knowledge, intuition, skills to see him through.

Are we utilising everything we have at our disposal?

And finally, he has bold objectives. Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail… these aren’t your everyday tokens!

What are we boldly seeking?

So go on, get out of the routine, tackle a mystery, make some mistakes, embrace an adventure!


What do you think?