How to tell your own story

As an experienced recruiter and CV writer, I have had people seek to engage me with their stories as well as contract me to help flesh out their uniqueness. Offering experience of both sides of this employment fence, I thought it time to share some of the insights I have gained over this past 15 years. Hope this helps!

The first point I help people understand is the purpose of the CV (or resume); understanding why we’re creating a document will significantly improve its effectiveness. The purpose of a CV is to land the interview. It is the selling tool designed to present the best possible you, linking the cover letter and the interview. The cover letter introduces your unique skill set and how you can add value to the employer, thereby encouraging the reader to explore your CV, to be convinced that you are worthy of their time. It is then up to you, in person, to secure the position from the interview.

So your CV is a selling tool, a marketing document, and to help clarify this further it is also important to know what it isn’t!

Your CV is NOT a history of your jobs and position descriptions.

Your CV is NOT an essay about your career.

Your CV is NOT a one-size fits all document.

In short, your CV should be tailored for the specific position and company  / industry to which you’re applying. It should boldly highlight your achievements as a practical demonstration of how you could potentially add value to your next employer. It should clearly define your strengths and core skills, evidenced by your achievements. It should be succinct, valuing the reader’s time. It should use the language of your industry.

Whilst we may know ourselves, many of us are challenged when it comes to promoting ourselves, particularly on paper. It is for this reason that many professionals chose to utilise a professional CV writer. A quality writer will always seek to present the best “you” possible, relative to the position / company / industry.

Take some time to review your CV. Does it present the best “you” possible?


This post begins The Best “You”! career development series drawing upon my 15+ years experience as a recruiter, team leader & CV writer. I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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