Want to be happier? Fulfil your own purpose.

I saw a Hyundai Elantra cruising through the suburbs, adorned with a body kit including spoilers and decals, all aimed at making it look more like a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.  Its racing red gloss finish with low profile tyres and mags enhanced the image.

Now one car is perceived to be fairly standard whilst the other has significantly higher street credibility the world over.

How often do we dress ourselves up as something we’re not? Do you bemoan what you are? Do you wish you had more street cred?

Both the Elantra and the Evo serve their intended purposes well. Both are functional towards what they were each designed to do. As much as the Elantra can be dressed to appear to be the Evo, a closer look or a sit behind the wheel will always tell us it’s an Elantra. Similarly, the Evo would not pass for an Elantra.

I can guarantee that if the Elantra is driven how the Evo is designed to be driven, it will fail. It’s suspension, motor, aerodynamics will not meet the Evo mark. Why? Because it’s not an Evo!

Regardless of how we may look at someone’s life and strive to be them or want what they have in their world, you will always be YOU. The purpose for which YOU have been created is a purpose only YOU can fill. The key is to understand we are each fully functional for our intended purpose.

Let’s embrace our unique qualities – whether we’re an Elantra or an Evo or any other make and model – let’s be who we’re called to be.

In the words of the recently departed Steve Jobs “your time is limited – don’t waste it by living someone else’s life”.

Let hope rise.

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