How courageous is your decision making?

My hairdresser (barber would sound more ‘manly’ wouldn’t it?!) shared with me an amazing personal tale of individual courage and adventure. A first generation Australian, her parents migrated from Italy in the 1950’s. Her father came first, alone, to establish the new life for his bride and family. His wife, then 21 years old, waited expectantly in rural Italy raising their 2 young children before she too endured a 2 month sea journey to join her husband, leaving behind ALL of her family.

This couple did not have the benefit of Skype to stay in touch, nor could they check on their destination beforehand via google earth. There were no glossy brochures depicting life in this far-off land nor did they have any YouTube or Wikipedia sites to review. This family, like many others of that era, made a decision to seek a “better” life based on words written in letters by those who had gone before them and hearsay.

We often balk at making a decision that has little consequence because we don’t have sufficient information. We may delay choosing a course of action because we don’t have all the facts. Whilst making informed decisions is important, are we missing opportunities because we’re lacking courage?

Compare the courage of the decision made by my hairdresser’s parents and their determination to make it a success with how we embrace change even in the smallest of things. Are we as courageous as we should be?


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos

What do you think?