How big’s your tent?

Friends will attest that I am not a “camper”. The idea of roughing it is not particularly appealing, although I am warming to the idea purely from the perspective of creating family memories. One of the issues I have with tent living is the ridiculous size of those things! I know we can pick-up a 6 person tent, add an annex and join on a tarp but my limited experience still reminds me of cramped conditions.

Wouldn’t it be good if we could just enlarge the tent as we needed?

Believe it or not, this is possible. Maybe not with the traditional camping tent but definitely with our own capacity. Often times, we limit ourselves to a set size, a predetermined amount of oommph in the tank. And once we’re nearing this level we start to think that we are maxing out.

We can relocate the tent pegs and enlarge our tent! This will give us more space, increasing our capacity to achieve.

The simplest way to do this is to just say yes when we’d normally say “no” because we think we’re at our limit. By saying yes we afford ourselves the opportunity to test our capacity, to stretch the boundaries, to enlarge our tent.

What we perceive as our limit has been set by what we’ve thought and done in the past. It has been shaped by our successes and failures, by others’ perceptions of our capacity and our own self-image. If we are to continue to grow towards our potential, then we need to reset our expectations for ourselves to provide us with the extra room needed for this growth.

So next time when you think you can’t do any more, think first about enlarging your tent.

Let hope rise.

4 thoughts on “How big’s your tent?”

  1. Both in life, and in camping, I agree there is a need to enlarge our tent! Aside from our annual family (read extended, so a dozen children) camping trip coming up, I’m thankful Mark for your reminder that saying “yes” when we think “no” can be a way to enlarge our capacity. Thank you!

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