How big’s your tank?

We’ve all been part of a discussion somewhere along the line as to whether we’re a cup half-full kind of person or a cup half-empty proponent. Whilst this does lend itself to the issue of perspective, have you ever considered the cup itself?

It’s all very well to check the volume, but let’s check the cup which raises what I see as the more important matter of capacity. If our cup is large, then we can hold a significant amount. If our cup is small, so to is the amount we can retain.

Another way to think of this is to consider a car’s fuel tank – the larger the tank, the more fuel it holds and the further it can travel. So in preparation for a longer journey, how do increase our capacity?

  • Check what’s in the tank – we may have sufficient capacity already, it’s just that we’re carrying stuff unnecessarily
  • Stretch – capacity grows by being tested; stretch the sides, squeeze a bit more in, do something for the FIRST time!
  • Share the journey – with the friends of your destiny, those people who run alongside you championing you towards your goals.
  • Get smart – do you have all the resources necessary for the journey ahead? The skills, attributes, tools, knowledge, connections…
  • Get healthy – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual… No point having a large tank if it’s full of holes!

So whilst the car needs to be pointed in the right direction, without the relevant capacity to undertake what we plan we will fall short.

Let’s check our tanks!


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos

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