A recent post promoted the upcoming planned crossing of Bass Strait by sea kayak to help Destiny Rescue rescue children from slavery.  Many of these children rescued had no hope in the midst of their horrible circumstance. However, others had hope for them. So what really is hope?

Hope can be seen by some as foolhardy wishful thinking but hope is more than just a desire. Hope is to look forward with desire AND reasonable confidence; it is to believe, to trust that what is wanted can be had. Hope provides direction and inspiration, often against seemingly impossible odds. Hope delivers a desire for a better outcome even when you may not immediately see the way. Hope gives life. With hope, the flame of opportunity burns brighter.

Without hope, conditions are accepted, status quo is maintained, life is squeezed. Without hope, there is no direction, no purpose, no desire. The flame is extinguished.

Hope can however be shared. Even when you think all hope is lost, the hope of others can sustain you. In an enslaved child’s darkness, organisations such as Destiny Rescue
retain hope strengthening their resolve. Shared hope keeps the flame flickering.

Think about a situation you or a friend are facing. Are you hopeful for the best outcome? Are you looking forward with desire AND reasonable confidence? Hope can provide fresh insight, renewed vision and determination. As you think, so will your actions reflect.

So let’s hope, think bigger, act bigger, for ourselves and for others. Keep the flame burning.

Let hope rise.

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