‘A source of credit or distinction / high respect as for worth, merit or rank’ is how Dictionary.com explains the term HONOUR. I’m not sure our modern western society understands this term and how to apply it but thankfully I was reminded of it last month.

My family had come from across the country to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday. This was planned to be a joyous occasion and at the event I realised it was actually much more than that. People representing the many seasons of my dad’s life had gathered not simply to celebrate this magnificent milestone of 80 years, but to give HONOUR. Honour to a man of integrity, to a man who worked ridiculously long hours building a family business to afford us a great lifestyle and opportunity, a man who, like the rest of us, may not have realised all his dreams yet remains a loving father and husband.

Sure, my dad (along with most men of his era) is not expressive in his love but his commitment to family has never been questioned. The joy upon my dad’s face on the day of the event and for days afterwards was priceless.  And this is simply because we gave him what he deserves daily, HONOUR.

Let Hope Rise.

2 thoughts on “Honour”

  1. Love this Mark
    to honour is to esteem as valuable

    what we fail to honour we soon grow to dispise.

    Honour is so essential to a big life.

    Let Hope Rise!

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