falling in love

Have you ever ‘fallen’ in love?

“Fallen in love” sounds a romantic thing to have had happen.

Certainly far better than being tripped into love, hoisted into love, harangued into love.

We often use the term “fallen” or “fell” to explain how we have come to be part of something. The truth is, though, that we actually choose to become involved even when high emotion is present.

My boys sometimes fall when they’re not focused on what’s happening around them. They’ve fallen out of trees, off playground equipment, down embankments, even into holes and ditches. Definitely no conscious choice was attached to these aspects of falling!

The word ‘fall’ implies a sense of inevitability, something beyond our control. Do we attach this word to our involvement to provide an escape clause, maybe as a reason to explain irrational behaviour, or perhaps to help justify the decision when the dream doesn’t eventuate? Whether it be a relationship, a business, an opportunity, we choose to participate and we choose our level of commitment.

Just because emotions are involved does not exclude our decision-making ability and the responsibility alongside. Yes, emotions can cloud our judgement and make the irrational seem rational, but they are our emotions for which only us can be held accountable.

When my boys fall out of a tree, it’s because they choose to climb the tree in the first place!


Image credit: nyul / 123RF Stock Photo

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