Hanging the washing at night

Such is our life that doing the laundry late at night is not an uncommon occurrence. The challenge lies not in the washing but in the drying. Adverse to the clothes dryer’s astronomical consumption of electricity the line is our preferred option of drying the laundry, even at night.

Acutely aware of our neighbours and sleeping family, the late night assault on the clothes line becomes a stealth operation. Under the cover of darkness we seek to tread softly, placing our feet gently down on where we expect the stepping-stones to be, before converging on the line and feeling around for the peg basket. This is mostly a successful operation however I have learned one simple key – it’s easier to find your way travelling to the light than away from it.

You see, as we leave the light of the laundry we’re peering into the darkness, yet our journey back to the laundry is much more sure-footed because we’re guided by the light.

How often do we seek to go with the light at our back, instead of guiding our way? A lit path builds confidence, assures courage and defines the destination. If the light is at our back we can only identify from where we have come, not where we are going.

Next time we set out, let’s have the light framing our future not showing the past.


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos

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