Frustrated? Are you expecting the unexpectable??

As we step into the rain, we expect to get wet. As we head out onto the freeway, we expect traffic. When I took an opportunity for leave from my “job” I expected to write my book.

Two of the above examples are reasonable. The other is not. The other is a case of expecting the unexpectable!

Intentions and hopes usually do not equate to desired outcomes. We can often be so excited by an opportunity for something different, something away from the mundane, that we expect what really can’t be delivered. At least not in the present environment. Now I’m not saying my book or any other dreams I hold will not come to pass, however I have realised that given my current knowledge and other resources, to expect them now is to expect the unexpectable.

Don’t get wrong – I am a HUGE fan of dreaming! I see myself enjoying a lifestyle of a writer, even indulging in a long-held dream of living in New York, but to make this a reality I need to acquire more skills, I need to more effectively plan, I need to prioritize, I need to MOVE!

What in your world do you presently classify as a disappointment? What is currently a cause of frustration? A lost opportunity, perhaps? Could it be you may need to enhance your skills, become better connected, develop the plan or even lessen the pressure a little on yourself?

The opportunity may not be lost, it may simply be parked awaiting a more appropriate framework or season.


Image credit: rabbit75123 / 123RF Stock Photo

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