From the archives: The Hurricane

Bob Dylan’s classic song ‘The Hurricane’ tells the story of an up and coming 1960’s boxer Rubin ‘Hurricane‘ Carter who was twice convicted of a triple murder before the conviction was finally overturned in 1985. Before the events that led to his arrest, trial and conviction, Carter was seen as a potential contender for a world title.

This is story of injustice, a story of stolen potential.

Many of us may have stories in our lives of injustice, of stolen potential. They may not be as dramatic as the story of the Hurricane, but they are nonetheless powerful in shaping our future.

At the sight of injustice we have an obligation to stand up and proclaim what is right. We have the responsibility to declare and fight for the truth. However, when this injustice is in our own past we can often remain silent, choosing to linger in the past with the battle.

The opportunity before each of us is to identify the injustice, forgive those who have brought this against us, and to boldly and confidently move into our future. Injustice will always be injustice. Injustice will not always be “made right” publicly, but we can make injustices against us “right” by our forgiveness.

Forgiveness will release us from our past, enabling us to set sail into a brighter future. In an interesting side note, Rubin Carter later served for 12 years as Executive Director of The Association in the Defence of the Wrongly Convicted.

How have you moved on from injustice?


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