From the archives: In the moment…

We all have ‘stuff’ going on trying to make the proverbial ends meet, create some form of work/life balance, manage relationships, be the best employee / boss / student / husband / wife / son / daughter that we can possibly be. This means that at any given moment our heads could be in multiple places seeking solutions to a myriad of challenges, seeking a way out of the maze.

Like myself, you have probably driven to work or completed a chore without really thinking about it. You have probably eaten a meal and shared time with family while your mind was elsewhere. An essential ingredient of successful living is to ensure that we’re ‘in the moment’ regardless of all the other stuff going on.

This means that when we’re celebrating our child’s birthday – be there 100%.

When we’re out to dinner with our spouses – be there 100%.

When we’re enjoying a family gathering – be there 100%.

When we’re meeting someone new – be there 100%.

It’s very easy to let our minds wander onto the pressing issues of life. What we all need to do is to allocate a time to address these important issues – a time when we are free from distractions and we can practically sort through the particular challenge to develop the appropriate plan of action.

We need to also train ourselves to consciously remain in the moment and actually experience our surroundings: truly taste the meal you’re sharing, genuinely listen to the stories being told, smell the freshly brewed coffee placed before you, actively engage in the conversation.

This then allows us to be in the moment for our kids, for our spouses, for our friends, for ourselves.


Photo: Used with permission via 123RF Stock Photos

Original post published May 2011

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