neil armstrong first step

First steps

We all know the famous words uttered by Neil Armstrong as he launched mankind into a new era of exploration. The first lunar step he took was decades after someone else took the metaphorical step of saying “this is possible”.

Today, I took the first step towards a healthier me. For many years vanity has prompted my desire to be fitter but my personal insecurities held me back from fully embracing a new me. There came a point though where my own “stuff” had to be put aside to honestly assess the bigger picture.

I want to lead a bigger life. A life characterised by greater capacity, greater blessing, greater influence. A life where I am modelling growth to my four boys. A life where I am leading well and empowering others (my boys included) to lead well. To do this, I need to be healthier, stronger.

I want to be the 50-something dad in years to come energetically riding bikes with my boys, playing in the park, wrestling in the lounge! I want to be an active part of their lives as they mature and step into the world for themselves. I want to be the doting grandfather (in many, many years to come!).

If I really want all of these things, I need to take responsibility. This begins today with my gym program to become a stronger, fitter me. These are my first steps…

To where are your steps taking you?


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