Finding the joy

Not too long ago, I had the privilege of enjoying one of my son’s school Christmas Chapel. Complete with musical recitals, dancing, carols, puppets and a lively retelling of the Christmas story, I can honestly say I had fun. Not everything hit the mark, as is to be expected when dealing with 5-9 year olds en masse, however I realised that was part of the fun.

Often in life, we can be quick to identify those things that don’t quite reach the benchmark. What I noticed about the students performing, was that they, on the whole, were oblivious to technical mishaps, mis-timed sequences and incorrect words. They were simply enjoying themselves!

In some situations, the joy is easy to find. If you go along to the movies to see a comedy (real comedy, not Adam Sandler!), then you carry an expectation of enjoyment. However, in many situations the challenge and the errors seem to be standing tall, demanding your attention. The joy in these moments is still likely to be there, but it requires searching.

It really depends upon for what we’re looking. If we’re focused on identifying the mistakes, we will find them. If we’re focused on squeezing every drop of fun out of the situation, we will. Naturally, not every event is one of joy, but this still should not allow us to be the merchants of doom and gloom.

My challenge to you today is to find the joy!


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2 thoughts on “Finding the joy”

  1. Finding the joy and enjoying the journey! Life is not about perfection, it is about a journey, and all great journeys usually include a “short”-cut that doesn’t… I am looking forward to seeing my kids in such events, and not getting to caught up in the technical mishaps (being a tech-head myself).

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