Feeling the love…

Do you love being told just how incredible you are? Or do you prefer receiving a well-considered gift? Perhaps, your partner vacuuming the house and cleaning the bathrooms gets your love motor running? Maybe it’s a hug, or holding your hand… it could even be as simple as dedicated time.

Gary Chapman’s epic book ‘The 5 Love Languages’ details 5 ways to communicate your love for someone with the idea being that each of us have a preferred “love language” and once we understand this about others we can then communicate more effectively. Similarly, once we gain this personal insight, we might understand why someone’s previous efforts to connect with us missed the mark entirely.

I used to take for granted that if I expressed my love for my wife, regardless of what that looked like, all efforts would be equally appreciated with unbridled enthusiasm and gratitude (I didn’t expect much, hey?!). Not receiving this reaction led me to think that just maybe I was unappreciated. The reality was that I was simply communicating in a different language!

We usually seek to impress someone via the same language we are impressed with. If I love gifts, then I will shower others with gifts, even if all they may really want is a little of my time.

So before we cast dispersion upon the “unappreciative” person, let’s consider whether we’re actually talking their language!


What do you think?