Fatherhood: Captain Confident or Captain Crumble?

The collective noun for myself, my wife and our four sons is Team Mahoney. We use this moniker to identify us and to call ourselves to a common purpose. We are a team. We are most definitely individuals with unique personalities that by God’s plan are bonded together as a family. Whether we like it or not (most days we do actually like it!), we are a family, we are Team Mahoney.

The significance of how fathers represent their families to not only those outside the family unit but also to each other within the family cannot be underestimated. If a father is declaring promise, purpose and potential, then expectations can be legitimately high and positive outcomes expected. The corollary is also true – if a father burdens the family with despair and disappointment then this too will be delivered.

As a father, I believe I am called to be captain of Team Mahoney. The most critical aspect of these roles is how I present, day-in and day-out.  If I speak patience yet am continually short with my kids then the message is lost. If I declare faith yet am afraid to step out and try then comfort-zone living will be our mainstay.

I’ve learnt that as in all relationships it is not so much what I say to my family, it is what I DO that delivers the greatest impact. The most inspirational captains on the sporting field, leaders of countries, heads of business have been those that have demonstrated the ability time and time again of digging deep when the odds are stacked against them and rallying the team around the common cause. Leading by example, not by mantra.

After all, if the captain can’t be bothered, then who else will?


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