Father of the year

This Sunday is Fathers Day here in Oz and SU Queensland has recently announced its 2012 Father of the Year, the recipient being Mark Cummins. On a radio interview Mark was asked what it meant to be a man in today’s society; acknowledging that his response would have been different 20 years ago, Mark answered that it is simply doing whatever is before him.

And before him, Mark has many things! Father to 8 children, 2 of which have cystic fibrosis, single dad for the past 5 years, self-employed business-owner, fund-raiser and actively involved in his children’s lives. Read and hear Mark’s story here: http://qldfatheroftheyear.org.au/2012-winners/

Be encouraged and inspired!! Happy dad’s day wherever you are!


2 thoughts on “Father of the year”

    1. Thanks for the comment. You hit the nail on the head when you use the term “skills” – parenting is, of course, heart and intuition but it is also skills and knowledge and all mums and dads must be willing to learn / enhance their skill set. Have a super day!

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