Expect the cobwebs…

Taking our dog for a walk a little while back, my son and I elected to experience a new route, to venture off the usual path. Whilst the dog hardly noticed the difference (she is blessed neither with intelligence nor perception and no longer has fleas!), I quickly realised that we were perhaps the first people, or at least the first in a while, to have wandered this particular path.

What was the give-away? I was smothered in seemingly endless cobwebs with each step. We also came across fallen trees that were now providing a home to countless insects, pools of thick mud and amazingly dense bush.

Sometimes when we set out on a journey, even when we’re deliberately seeking a new route, we may think the path will be similar to what we’ve experienced before. In reality, the journey will most likely be very different, presenting us with many unknowns which could at the same time be both exciting and challenging.

When we elect to chart a new course, we must expect the cobwebs!

They are those things that come across our path which temporarily distract us. They are usually unseen and mostly always annoying! And as we scramble over the fallen trees and side-step the mud we will inevitably become a little messed up. We will not look the same as when we commenced the journey, and that’s okay, because once we arrive we can refresh and refocus for the next stage.

Another point I realised on this walk with my son, was this would have been mostly annoying if I had walked it alone. Sharing the journey, the obstacles became an adventure.

So as we set out to chart a new course, team up, put a smile in your face and expect the cobwebs!


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos

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