Everything seems louder at night

It’s 2am, you’re sound asleep and your child / flat mate / sleep-walking spouse (yes, this is a possibility) drops a knife on the kitchen tiles. You’re instantly awake. Alert! Alarmed! Among all the usual noise of the day a knife being dropped would hardly even be a blip on the radar – it’s a regular noise that would normally be lost. But in the dead of night, in isolation, it’s loud, it’s alarming.

How often do we isolate an issue, giving it more significance than it actually deserves? If we view the matter in context, amongst the ‘usual noise of the day’, it’s likely to retain its appropriate priority. Sure, some things are pressing and need to be separated from the day-to-day but if that’s not the case, then leave it context.

Let’s not give weight to things unnecessarily. Let’s not turn things into ‘issues’ that we then carry with us. It is easier to assign significance to something when that is all we are hearing. Remember, everything seems louder at night.

Let hope rise.

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2 thoughts on “Everything seems louder at night”

  1. Great post Mark. Sadly I was awake at 2:30 this morning, luckily no knives were harmed in the making of this story, but sleep walking is becoming more common because of it…

    Back to your post, I think it sits well with the though of not “making mountains out of molehills”. Sometimes our perspective skews the real view, and a step back might make that mountain look a little more like the molehill it truly is.

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