Even mobile phones need recharging

How is your battery recharge meter?Is it green, high and you’re ready to go all day? Perhaps it’s on medium – you’re a little tired but there’s still fuel in the tank. Or is it low – one bar left before you’re totally flat? Or is it indeed red and flashing, in need of immediate recharge?

You know your body and you know yourself better than anyone. So you know if you have not been getting adequate time to recharge. We’ve all been called to lead BIG lives, lives that make a positive difference to not only ourselves but to those around us. To do this, we need to ensure our energy reservoirs are full.

It is vitally important to be “in tune” with yourself, to know your energy levels and do what you need to “top up”. So what do you need NOW to boost your recharge meter?

As I write this I’m reflecting upon a diverse day with my family on holiday on New South Wales’ central coast. A day that included the mandatory late start, exploring the local museum, tackling the waves in the ridiculously cold Pacific Ocean, a Bear Grylls style climbing of the headland and the traditional Aussie BBQ dinner. It was a full memory-making day, totally different to my regular day.

This is a key for me – an annual recharge, spending time away from the everyday with those closest to me. Creating memories, sharing adventures, without the strict timetable.

As we’re upon the Christmas / New Year period, what are your plans to recharge, to refocus, to resharpen what and who is important to you?

Let hope rise.

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